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We have been awarded as a Top Restaurant 2016 winner in the European-Italian category, by the prestigious and authoritative Wine & Dine community.

In celebration of this joyous occasion, we have launched a Tasting Menu at $43++ only, to showcase some of the items tasted by Wine & Dine. Click here to see the Tasting Menu.  Call or book online to make reservations!

Top Restaurant Award!

Top Restaurant Award!

The Weekender media …. “Imagine flying all the way to a small, little-known city in Tuscany only to find another fellow Singaporean. That’s what happened to Chef Wayne and Simon Seah, the Managing Director if Lucca’s Trattoria. The bond they shared over simple, authentic Tuscan food was instant and they paired up give Singaporeans a taste of what the city of Lucca has to offer.”

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Open Rice Review

” The 70-seater restaurant, which exudes a warm and rustic vibe, prides itself in infusing Cucina alla casalinga (a home-cooked feeling) in its dishes.

Start off with the Ribollita ($6++), which means reboiled in Italian. This Tuscan staple – filled with cannellini beans, vegetables, kale, bread and beef – is a comforting soup that you’ll crave for on a rainy day. ”

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Lifestyle Asia  –   “Perfect texture and taste”

” This authentic Italian pizza uses a special grade flour flown in from Italy to make the dough, giving it the perfect texture and taste. The use of simple but high quality ingredients such as buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto and rocket leaves makes this a hearty and authentic dish perfect for a snack or main………makes you feel like you’re in a quaint Italian eatery in Tuscany”

Life Style Asia_Feb8

The Chinese Daily (Zao Bao) visits Lucca’s Trattoria and gives the thumbs-up!

Zao Bao review

Comforting Tuscan cuisine, with many dishes made from scratch, just like home-cooking

The Singapore Chinese Daily (Zaobao) dines at Lucca’s Trattoria and waxes lyrical about their pleasurable experience. Read more below…